What's possible? Discover insights that can pave the future of your club or league.

What we do

Uncover the data you need to make informed decisions and create a more meaningful and engaging community.

Delve deeper to understand your spectators, fans, and community members.

- Discover the factors that are at the core of your members' participation.
- Discover a deeper understanding of member identity with the club.
- Identify barriers to participation and how to overcome them.
- Formulate meaningful personas that drive loyalty and attachment.
- Develop impactful ways to engage.

How we do it

Our experts from backgrounds including data science, and psychology will work with you to understand and analyse data and determine motivations through their needs, attitudes and behaviors of your members.

We are outcome focused:

- Work with you to understand your vision and strategy
- We analyse and enrich your data from multiple sources.
- Create and test predictive models using data science and psychology
- Conduct surveys and focus groups of your spectators, fans, and members.

Your results

- Targeted, data driven personas.
- Engagement drivers and their impacts.
- Barriers to participation from the grassroots level.
- Easy and engaging surveys and increased response rates.
- Richer and more complete data sets.
- Predictive model for renewals, retention, and participation.
- Frequent results dashboard and pulse checks.

Partners we work
alongside with