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We help you uncover and analyse the data you need to make informed decisions and create a more meaningful and engaging organisation. 

Member surveys

Purpose built survey technology for membership based organisations. Our analysts will support you with the survey questions and result interpretations.
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With a dedicated team of analysts, develop strategies, gain insights, and deliver on improving your organisation's engagement with your members with facilitated interactive workshops
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Be immersed with the latest thinking in engagement, the science and technology that influence behaviours, in a practical way.
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Partners we work

Discover insights and technology for membership engagement.

There is a story behind the numbers, and you may not be getting the complete picture.  Improve your engagement with your members.
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Lisa Andrews
Co-CEO, Singularity Australia
Survey technology

Data Science as-a-service. An affordable solution for deeper analytics.

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Understand deeper insights to attract and retain your members

Identifying the reasons for churn is difficult.
We uncover the factors impacting members, and help you formulate and successfully execute an engagement strategy.

Organisations are missing out on untapped revenue sources due to poor engagement insights.


We train leaders & employees of membership-based organisations

Learn the latest thinking that is shaping the way communities engage. Designed to meet your needs at whichever stage of the engagement journey you are in

Who do we work with?

Membership organisations, from professional bodies, sports clubs, to startup communities engage differently. We apply research based methods specifically tailored to membership engagement.


See how we can help you create more impact and engagement with your members

Sports Clubs

Spectators, fans, and community are the lifeblood of a club. See how we can help you strengthen commitment.

The Arts

Patrons, donors, and supporters are key to maintaining the arts. Let us help you.


Understand and predict how your students and alumni engage and feel with their institution.

Mutuals & Co-Ops

Mutuals are for-members, but compete with many commercial offerings. Create a community around the uniqueness of a mutual.

Insight that drives change


of organisations

Don't have a structured engagement plan. Addressing this will be a competitive advantage


of membership based organisations

Fail to communicate effectively. Communicating isn't about frequency, but resonating with the members' purpose


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