Andrew Ruffat
Apr 1, 2021

The most important thing to keep people connected?

My view on keeping people connected. What are your thoughts?

The most important thing to keeping people connected? I often find myself thinking about this. We can break it down into a few points.

The first is relevance. I know that may be vague, but it's the word that speaks to the vitality of any human connection. For something to be exciting or valuable, it must be timely and precise. It must fit the needs of a human being at their current level, fulfil current needs and interests, and of course, these needs change all the time.

Identity, of course, brings people together because we are social beings. Not feeling a strong sense of self - and a collective sense of self - has been proven to be biologically stressful. We can't underestimate how much identity affects how we move through the world and how we relate to others. Can they understand us? Will we be safe in their company? Will they know where we're coming from if I say xyz?

While there are many other points to consider, I think they can all stem from relevance and identity. 

These are the factors to keep front-of-mind when trying to keep people together and maintain a healthy, lively, positive community connection.

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